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PLAY The Amazing Race
by danalovesjonny (danalovesjonny)
at August 30th, 2007 (02:48 pm)

Do you like The Amazing Race? Do you want to play it? [info]one_shot_games  just wrapped The Mole and is now casting for LiveJournal's first ever (successful) Amazing Race game. Do you have what it takes to race around LiveJournal and cross the finish line first? Apply to play HERE.

Natalie [userpic]
by Natalie (loves_____paris)
at May 17th, 2006 (10:43 pm)

TheFutonCritic.com is reporting CBS's new fall schedule, and 'The Amazing Race 10' will air on Sundays this fall, from 8-9 PM. Here is the part that mentions 'Amazing Race' below.

And on Sundays, CBS is making key scheduling moves designed to capitalize on the changing competitive landscape of the night. The Number One and most-honored news magazine 60 MINUTES starts the night at 7:00 PM, followed by the Emmy Award-winning reality series THE AMAZING RACE, which moves to 8:00 PM. And from 9:00-11:00 PM, CBS is using two of its most successful and compelling crime series, COLD CASE and WITHOUT A TRACE, to build a seamless block of drama. COLD CASE will air at 9:00 PM, followed at 10:00 PM by WITHOUT A TRACE, one of television's highest-rated series.


Sharon [userpic]
by Sharon (heavensgoblin)
at May 17th, 2006 (08:54 pm)

current mood: happy

under cut for definite spoilersCollapse )

Sharon [userpic]
Don't forget...
by Sharon (heavensgoblin)
at May 12th, 2006 (10:00 pm)

current mood: cold

next week is the season finale and it is 2 hours long! Now for my feelings about this week's show...Collapse )

Sharon [userpic]
Is is just me...
by Sharon (heavensgoblin)
at May 4th, 2006 (06:27 am)
current mood: awake

or do you think the producers are manipulating this show?Collapse )

Sharon [userpic]
Finally got to watch the show...
by Sharon (heavensgoblin)
at April 28th, 2006 (06:09 pm)

current mood: hungry

hating the frat boys...Collapse )

Sharon [userpic]
What a tense episode...
by Sharon (heavensgoblin)
at April 20th, 2006 (09:38 pm)

you never knew who was going to come in first or last.Collapse )

Sharon [userpic]
by Sharon (heavensgoblin)
at April 12th, 2006 (09:52 pm)
current mood: busy

I need to say it again...Collapse )

Sharon [userpic]
Don't forget...
by Sharon (heavensgoblin)
at April 12th, 2006 (06:31 pm)

The Amazing Race 9 has been moved to Wednesday nights, 7 central time, 8 eastern time.

M [userpic]
Phil's Dancing
at April 5th, 2006 (11:10 pm)

Did anyone else catch that little quick shot of Phil dancing at the pit stop with the music?? lol.. gotta hunt down an animated icon of that somewhere.. that was so funny :)

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